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Arduino-Based WiFi Lawn Sprinkler Controller powered by chipKIT

Posted 2016-06-27 10:19:17 by Majenko

A hobbyist used chipKIT uC 32 and Wifi shield  to make a Wifi Lawn Sprinkler Controller.


You can find the full article at

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Trophy for chipKIT WF32 Controlled iPad Mount for the Sight Impaired!

Posted 2016-06-22 10:03:46 by Majenko


In a Digilent-sponsored senior design competition, Kaitlyn Franz's team won a second place trophy for their project. The team created a Wi-Fi controlled iPad mount for assisting the sight impaired to find lost items. To accomplish this, the team utilized a chipKIT WF32, which has a Wi-Fi capable PIC32 microcontroller on board.

To check out more details, head over to Digilent's Blog.

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Trouble with Arduino IDE v1.6.8

Posted 2016-06-02 15:14:24 by Majenko

Note: This problem was repaired in version 1.6.9 of Arduino IDE

The latest release of Arduino IDE (v1.6.8) has introduced a problem that prevents sketches from running on many chipKIT boards, in addition to some Arduino boards. It appears that any board using an FTDI chip for serial bootloader communications is adversely affected.

A temporary solution is to re-install the previous version, Arduino IDE v1.6.7, which has been well-tested and known to work fine with chipKIT-core selected in the Boards Manager. For more information about installing Arduino IDE and chipKIT-core, refer to the [chipKIT-core Wiki

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chipKIT Fubarino Mini Pin Diagram

Posted 2016-03-26 13:06:53 by Majenko


Ever wanted to see the pin functions at a glance for the chipKIT Fubarino Mini? Well, thanks to Brian Schmalz, you have the above pin-mapping diagram!

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New FAT File System in chipKIT-core

Posted 2016-03-07 11:07:26 by Majenko

microSD.png Did you know that a robust FAT file system is now available in chipKIT-core? Keith Vogel of Digilent recently ported the file system library by ChaN at You can use this library to create and access files on microSD cards, as shown in the photo above.

But wait... what is a FAT file system, anyway?

FAT stands for File Allocation Table. It's a method of organizing data on disk drives. Designed way back in 1977, FAT

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