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chipKIT Platform Wiki


Welcome to the chipKIT Platform Wiki! We're populating this wiki with resources that will help you get started! If you already have experience with Arduino, then you'll be right at home with chipKIT!



Choose from the following options:

  • UECIDE - This option is an alternative to Arduino IDE
    • A heavily modified version of MPIDE
    • Supports chipKIT core
    • Includes a great number of extra features you won't find in Arduino IDE
  • MPLAB® X IDE - This option allows for debugging within MPLAB® X IDE via the Sketch Importer Plug-in
    • Provides a wizard for importing chipKIT-core based Arduino sketches
    • Allows for building and advanced debugging from within the MPLAB® X IDE

Note: you may find MPIDE mentioned on various websites, but it is an older fork of the Arduino IDE which is no longer updated or maintained.