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Welcome to the chipKIT Wiki! Here you will find all the resources you need to get going with the chipKIT platform. From information about all the supported boards, to how to use the standard libraries and classes, contributed libraries, and other Tutorials. You can also see the entire API reference.

To start, you will probably want to download an IDE so you can start writing some code for chipKIT boards. Currently there are three choices:

  • MPIDE (a fork of an older version of the Arduino IDE, modified for use with chipKIT boards)
  • UECIDE (a heavily modified version of MPIDE with an enormous number of extra features)
  • Arduino IDE + chipKIT core (The standard, latest version of the Arduino IDE with the chipKIT compiler and library files installed)

To get started with one of these IDEs, click on the links above to read more about how to download, install, and compile sketches in each one.

If you are experienced with the Arduino platform, you will like chipKIT as it is very similar in code and functions. To demonstrate this, lets take a look at the Starterkit from Elecfreaks and compare.