Header Files

Header files listed in alphabetical order. Files are denoted as either (AVR) or (PIC32) specific, if they apply to both platforms they are marked as (AVR|PIC32). For headers that are marked (AVR|PIC32) they can be either “generic” or “ported”. Generic files will work on either platform without modification where ported files are different for AVR or PIC32.

avr/interrupt.h (AVR)

avr/io.h (AVR)

avr/progmem.h (AVR)

avr/pgmspace.h (AVR)

Tools to access program space of the AVR processor, not needed on PIC32, but some macros can be used in its place to make AVR code run on a PIC32. <source>
  1. if defined(__PIC32MX__)
   // neither PROGMEM or PSTR are needed for PIC32, just define them as null
   #define PROGMEM
   #define PSTR(s) (s)
   #define pgm_read_byte(x)	        (*((char *)x))
   #define pgm_read_byte_near(x)	(*((char *)x))
   #define pgm_read_byte_far(x)	(*((char *)x))
   #define pgm_read_word(x)    	(*((short *)x))
   #define pgm_read_word_near(x)	(*((short *)x))
   #define pgm_read_workd_far(x)	(*((short *)x))

   #define	prog_void	 const void
   #define	prog_char	 const char
   #define	prog_uchar	 const unsigned char
   #define	prog_int8_t	 const int8_t
   #define	prog_uint8_t	const uint8_t
   #define	prog_int16_t	const int16_t
   #define	prog_uint16_t	const uint16_t
   #define	prog_int32_t	const int32_t
   #define	prog_uint32_t	const uint32_t
   #define	prog_int64_t	const int64_t
   #define	prog_uint64_t	const uint64_t
  1. else
  2. include <avr/pgmspace.h>
  3. endif


The start of all good programming sessions.





plib.h (PIC32)

Contains type definitions for PIC32 registers.


Servo.h (?)

SPI.h (AVR|PIC32) ported

Library to provide SPI communications.

stdint.h (AVR|PIC32) ported


wire.h (?)

wiring.h (?)

WProgram.h (?)

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  1. Je souhaite vraiment dialoguer avec vous en françcais. Si vous êtes prêt, informez moi. Je suis francophone et je parle très difficillement l’Anglais.
    J’ai acheté l’une de vos kit de développement 32bit. Mais je n’arrive pas à le programmer car je n’ai pas le logiciel qu’il me faut, ni le drivers FT232 R USB UART.
    Si vou pouvez m’aider, je serai très content.

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    1. Hello:

      Forgive me but my French is very poor. I have run your comment through Google Translate and it seems that you are looking for the software to program you chipKIT Board with? If so, you can download here: https://chipkit.net/started/install-chipkit-software/

      If the FTDI drivers won’t install automatically follow these steps:
      1. Once the above software is downloaded, connect your chipKIT board to the computer
      2. Open your Device Manager: Start Menu> Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers> Device Manager
      3. Right click on the chipKIT Board and select “Update Driver Software”
      4. When prompted select “Browse Computer for Driver Software” and navigate to the location on your computer where you downloaded the MPIDE software above. Drivers should be located in the Drivers folder.

      If you have any problems shoot me an email at marc.mccomb@microchip.com

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