chipKIT Wi-FIRE: An EDN Hot 100 Product of 2015

EDN's Hot 100 Products for 2015

Extra extra! Read all about it! The EDN online community has named chipKIT Wi-FIRE one of their Hot 100 Products of 2015 in their Wireless and Networking category! Although they had posted a glowing review of the chipKIT Wi-FIRE back in February, we were pleasantly surprised to have stayed in their good graces. They said, and we quote “Digilent’s chipKIT WiFire board is an awesome little beastie. Powered by Microchip’s latest 32-bit 200 MHz MCU, the Wi-Fi equipped Arduino-compatible platform has been paired with Imagination Technologies’ Flow Cloud service development tools in an effort to make creating cloud-powered embedded applications practical for the average developer.”

Check it all out on the EDN Hot 100 Wireless and Networking Products of 2015!

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