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ChipKIT MZ Lite

chipKIT MZ Lite
Controller PIC32MZ0512EFE064
Flash 512KB
Speed 200MHz
Manufacturer Majenko Technologies
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The chipKIT MZ Lite is a cheaper version of the chipKIT Pro MZ. The microcontroller has less memory (both flash and SRAM) and the board has a lower cost linear LDO regulator instead of a high power switching regulator.

  1. The Board Design

    1. Useful Board Pins

      1. Full Pin Layout

      2. LEDs

      3. Buttons

      4. Analog Inputs

      5. Serial Objects

      6. I2C

      7. SPI

  2. Bootloading

  3. USB Device

  4. FAQ

    1. The computer doesn't detect my chipKIT MZ Lite when it's plugged in. Is it broken?

The Board Design

  • PIC32MZ0512EFE064 - 512K Flash, 128K RAM @ 200MHz 32-bit MIPS core
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • 45 Digital IO (some are 5V tolerant)
  • 15 Analog inputs (10-bit)
  • 6 hardware serial ports (UARTs), plus a serial connection over USB (12Mbps)
  • Fubarino SD footprint
  • Directly compatible with 3.3V devices. No level converting necessary.
  • Easy to program, no additional hardware is required to load sketches – just plug into a USB port and run UECIDE
  • ICSP Header for use with optional Microchip hardware programmer/debuggers (like PICKit3, ICD3 or REAL ICE)
  • Can be powered through USB, or 5V to 12V DC input power
  • USB bootloader (AN1388 compatible) for seamless sketch uploading within UECIDE

Useful Board Pins

Full Pin Layout



LED1 is on digital pin 21. Power (ON) LED is on 3.3V power.


There is a "USER" button which shares pin 23. It has no external pullup, so to use it enable INPUT_PULLUP for the pin mode.

Analog Inputs

Analog Input Digital Pin
A0 44
A1 43
A2 42
A3 41
A4 40
A5 39
A6 38
A7 37
A8 36
A9 35
A10 34
A11 33
A12 32
A13 31
A14 30
A15 29

Serial Objects

Serial Object UART TX Pin RX Pin
Serial USB none none
Serial0 UART1 29 28
Serial1 UART5 10 9
Serial2 UART2 8 12
Serial3 UART3 14 20
Serial4 UART4 35 36
Serial5 UART6 1 0


I2C Object Channel SDA Pin SCL Pin
DTWI0 / Wire 1 2 3
DTWI1 3 9 10
DTWI2 4 25 26


SPI Object Channel MOSI Pin MISO Pin SCK Pin
DSPI0 / SPI 2 25 26 24

Note: these pins are also shared with the Micro SD card.


When you want to upload a new sketch to the chipKIT MZ Lite, you need to put it into bootloader mode. This is done by simply tapping the RESET button.

The LED should start pulsating to indicate the bootloader is running. After 15 seconds of inactivity the bootloader exits and returns to normal running mode.

USB Device

The chipKIT MZ Lite has a native USB interface. This allows it to appear as a number of different devices to the computer, including:

  • USB Serial Interface (CDC/ACM)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joystick
  • MIDI Interface
  • Raw HID


The computer doesn't detect my chipKIT MZ Lite when it's plugged in. Is it broken?

No, it's not broken. The USB interface is only active when either the bootloader is running or your sketch has specifically requested that it be used through the use of, for example, "Serial.begin(115200);". If your sketch (such as the default Blink sketch) doesn't use the USB interface then the computer won't see the board at all. Pressing the RESET button will enter the bootloader and the computer should then see the board as a custom HID device.