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TEN-TEC Introduces an open-source QRP transceiver powered by chipKIT Uno32

Posted 2017-02-13 09:46:32 by Majenko


TEN-TEC launched a new QRP transceiver based upon a *completely different *platform than any other rigs they have in production: a QRP radio, built on the chipKIT Uno32™ (Arduino-based software) to be known as the Model 506 Rebel.

The TEN-TEC Rebel model 506 transceiver is designed with the purpose of providing Ham Radio operators a platform for developing and writing code using the open-source Arduino programming environment. It is a factory built CW QRP radio with a Chip Kit Uno 32 Arduino compatible processing unit that holds the operating program. The radio is provided with programming for basic operating functions that allow it to be used immediately as a basic QRP transceiver. Additional operating functions can be programmed by the user, either by writing the code or copying/adapting code developed by members of a growing  number of Arduino special interest groups. It is this sharing of programming routines and ideas for functionality that is the heart of the Arduino open-source concept.

Basic features include a 40 & 20 meter QRP transceiver with internal jumpers to change bands.  Full band coverage on both bands.  Typical power output will run 4-5 watts with 13.5 VDC.  A drift free operation is achieved through DDS synthesizer technology.  CW sidetone through headphones. Three filter bandwidth choices and three tuning rate adjustments included with the stock program.

You can check the details at the product webpage 

Tom Witherspoon, a hobbyist, wrote a review for the Rebel at his website QRPer