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New experimental USB stack

Posted 2017-07-13 14:38:24 by Majenko

We in the chipKIT programming dungeons have been slaving away for the past few weeks to bring you a new, long awaited, USB stack for your USB-based chipKIT boards.

Finally we can say the PIC32MZ based boards have full USB support!

The modular system, exclusive to the chipKIT environment, allows you to add different combinations of USB devices together at will to craft your perfect USB device. Couple a keyboard with a mouse, or a joystick with a MIDI interface. Add a few CDC/ACM serial interfaces. Whatever takes your fancy.

It's perfect for use with the chipKIT Lenny, or the Fubarino Mini or SD. You can even use it with the powerful chipKIT Wi-FIRE with its built-in USB Micro B socket.

We're just releasing it as a "public beta" at the moment for you to experiment with and see what works and what doesn't, and what needs tweaking to make it the best USB stack in the Arduinosphere.

You can download the USB stack in the form of a library from Github: