chipKIT QuickIO Shield

chipKIT QuickIO Shield

Have you ever wanted to test something out very quickly, but dread pulling out the breadboard and wires? If you’ve ever needed a QuickIO Shield, it’s here! Majenko Technologies—creator of UECIDE and the chipKIT Lenny—has released this new shield.

This incredibly useful accessory snaps right onto your Arduino or chipKIT board, instantly giving you all the handy IO you need, as the name says, quickly. With four pushbuttons, two 10KΩ potentiometers, and eight LEDs, there is no more messing around with a breadboard and wires just to add a couple of buttons to your design. Plus, using a potentiometer for a variable-voltage analog input has never been easier; and with LEDs nicely arranged as a bar-graph, you can create simple visual feedback in seconds.

The QuickIO Shield is truly an essential component of every Arduino user’s kit. For more information on this neat board, check out the QuickIO Shield Product Page on Majenko’s website!

Happy IOing!

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