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Cerebot MX7CK - Connecting with SPI using DSPIX?

Created Wed, 26 Sep 2012 22:16:59 +0000 by jorheccou


Wed, 26 Sep 2012 22:16:59 +0000


I am new in programing the Cerebot MX7CK. I am working on a project that uses 2 serial ports (UART) and want to use a sensor with SPI (Sensor: ADIS16210). I use one of the UART ports as the USB to Serial and the other one I connect it to JF Pmod port. The Cerebot MX7CK user manual tell me that there are 3 SPI port to use, one is in the same port of the UART JF Pmod, the other two are in JE and JD. When I try to connect the senor in JD Pmod port the problem starts. I can’t establish the connection through SPI. I double check the pins and I got them right. I will like to know what am I doing wrong?

Here is the info provided by digilent and microchip.

“The following gives the mapping between SPI signals and connector pins: SS1 JD-01 SDO1 JD-02 SDI1 JD-03 SCK1 JD-04 SS3 JE-01 SDO3 JE-02 SDI3 JE-03 SCK3 JE-04 SS4 JF-01 SDO4 JF-02 SDI4 JF-03 SCK4 JF-04”

“The DSPI library supports access to all three SPI ports. The DSPI0 object class is used to create an object used to access SPI1, Pmod connector JD. The DSPI1 object class is used to access SPI3, Pmod connector JE, and the DSPI2 object class is used to access SPI4, Pmod connector JF.”

Here is the code I am using to test it. I am using MPIDE 0023 – 20120903.

#if defined(__AVR__)
    #include <avr/io.h>
#endif  // AVR

// For PIC32
#if defined(__PIC32MX__)
    #include <p32xxxx.h>    // This gives all the CPU/hardware definitions
    #include <plib.h>       // This gives the i/o definitions
    // For PIC32
    #define __PIC32MX__ 1
    // For Uno32
    #define __32MX320F128H__ 1
    // For Max32/Cerebot MX7cK
    #define __32MX795F512L__ 1
#endif  // PIC32 

//Add the SPI library so we can communicate with the ADIS16210 sensor
#include <SPI.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <plib.h>
#include <WProgram.h>
#include <DSPI.h>

#define	FLASH_CNT		0x00	//	Diagnostics, flash write counter (16-bit binary)
#define	SUPPLY_OUT		0x02	//	Output, power supply
#define	XACCL_OUT		0x04	//	Output, x-axis acceleration
#define	YACCL_OUT		0x06	//	Output, y-axis acceleration
#define	ZACCL_OUT		0x08	//	Output, z-axis acceleration
#define	TEMP_OUT		0x0A	//	Output, internal temperature
#define	XINCL_OUT		0x0C	//	Output, ±180° x-axis inclination
#define	YINCL_OUT		0x0E	//	Output, ±180° y-axis inclination
#define	ZINCL_OUT		0x10	//	Output, ±180° z-axis inclination
#define	XACCL_NULL		0x12	//	Calibration, x-axis acceleration offset null
#define	YACCL_NULL		0x14	//	Calibration, y-axis acceleration offset null
#define	ZACCL_NULL		0x16	//	Calibration, z-axis acceleration offset null
#define	ALM_MAG_X		0x20	//	Alarm, x-axis amplitude threshold
#define	ALM_MAG_Y		0x22	//	Alarm, y-axis amplitude threshold
#define	ALM_MAG_Z		0x24	//	Alarm, z-axis amplitude threshold
#define	ALM_MAG_S		0x26	//	Alarm, system alarm threshold
#define	ALM_SMPL_X		0x28	//	Alarm, x-axis sample period
#define	ALM_SMPL_Y		0x2A	//	Alarm, y-axis sample period
#define	ALM_SMPL_Z		0x2C	//	Alarm, z-axis sample period
#define	ALM_CTRL		0x2E	//	Operation, alarm control
#define	GPIO_CTRL		0x32	//	Operation, general I/O configuration and data
#define	MSC_CTRL		0x34	//	Operation, orientation mode
#define	DIO_CTRL		0x36	//	Operation, digital I/O configuration and data
#define	AVG_CNT			0x38	//	Operation, decimation filter configuration
#define	SLP_CNT			0x3A	//	Operation, sleep count
#define	DIAG_STAT		0x3C	//	Diagnostics, system status register
#define	GLOB_CMD		0x3E	//	Operation, system command register
#define	LOT_ID1			0x52	//	Lot identification, Code 1
#define	LOT_ID2			0x54	//	Lot identification, Code 2
#define	PROD_ID			0x56	//	Production identification number
#define	SERIAL_NUM		0x58	//	Serial Number

DSPI0 spi;

void setup()

  //Initiate an SPI communication instance.

  //Create a serial connection to display the data on the terminal.


void loop()






byte resultHigh = spi.transfer(0x00);
byte resultLow = spi.transfer(0x00);

unsigned int result = (resultHigh << 8) | resultLow;

Serial.print(result, DEC);



The previous code was taken partially from another user for the sensor. Thank you for your help.


Wed, 26 Sep 2012 22:38:03 +0000

I leave a picture of the terminal, if it helps.


Tue, 23 Oct 2012 21:02:42 +0000

On the Cerebot MX7cK, the following is how the DSPI ports are mapped to the Pmod connectors:

DSPI0 - connector JD DSPI1 - connector JE DSPI2 - connector JF

I think that you are using the wrong Pmod connector.

Gene Apperson Digilent