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using DSPI1 with Uno32 + PMod Shield

Created Tue, 04 Sep 2012 18:52:21 +0000 by

Tue, 04 Sep 2012 18:52:21 +0000

I am trying to get the Pmod 3-axis Accelerometer to work with an Uno32 and Pmod Shield. I am not currently able to plug the pmod into the JC connector without taking my project apart (I wouldn't want to use DSPI0 anyways as I have some LED strips attached), however I cannot get the ACLDemo to work with the Accelerometer plugged into JB.

The documentation is all over the place with this. According the the ACLDemo: /* chipKit Uno with Pmod Shield: Header JC

myACL.begin(PAR_ACCESS_SPI0); // corresponds to DSPI0 - connector JB // myACL.begin(PAR_ACCESS_SPI1); // corresponds to DSPI1 - connector J1

???? which is it for DSPI0 - JC or JB? and what is this J1?

According to the Pmod Shield board_defs.h file:

/* The Digilent DSPI library uses these ports. ** DSPI0 connector JE ** DSPI1 connector JB */

Uhh, sure...

Then the Pmod Shield schematics show pins 1-4 on JC to be SS12/MOSI/MISO/SCK2 and pins 1-4 on JB to be ??(where is SS1?)/SDO1/SDI1/SCK1. I am assuming that SDO1 and SD1 are the MOSI/MISO equivalents for DSPI1.

If I am reading the Uno32 schematic correctly, it looks like SDO1 is shared with UART1. Does this mean that use of DSPI1 cannot coexist with hardware serial?

Can anyone please set the record straight?

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 16:25:36 +0000

With so many of the Pmod modules communicating via SPI, the Pmod Shield for Uno32 is not as convenient as it first looked. I would need to plug 4 modules into the JC connector. It seems that is the only one I can get to work.