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SPI max32 and microSD

Created Mon, 09 Jul 2012 09:26:42 +0000 by mamumo


Mon, 09 Jul 2012 09:26:42 +0000

Hello! I am using a chipkit max32 board and a microSD board of But I have many problems and I can't inizialite it. I don't understand very well SPI comunication and I don't know how I have to connect the wires on the board and do the software. Somebody can help me? Thanks

(Sorry for my English...)


Tue, 10 Jul 2012 15:33:00 +0000

Hello mamumo,

What type of problems are you having?

Best Regards,

Jordan R Digilent


Wed, 11 Jul 2012 06:24:10 +0000

I don't know how is the comunication with two boards. How i have to do SPI comunication? The pins are SCK,MISO,MOSI,SS. Its have to be conection by software? because the orden doesn't match with my microSD module in any port.

Here is my module:

Perhaps the max32 board is not compatible (can't work) with the module?

Thank you!!


Wed, 11 Jul 2012 18:45:31 +0000

No, the module can definitely work... Have you tried searching the web? You might want to learn a little bit about the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and how it works. There are plenty of places to learn from on the web. The wikipedia page for SPI is usually a good place to start:


There are also some good tutorials online that explain it pretty well; here's one:


Also the Arduino page has the SPI class reference page, you can consult that when you want to know what all the Arduino/Chipkit SPI library can do:


Just remember learning about microcontrollers and their types of communication is no easy task. Your going to spend a lot of time learning and reading about it. Don't expect it to work right away, but don't get discouraged... you have to work at it.

But also don't expect people to do the work for you. Just posting a simple question and expecting some God-Like answer to solve your problem isn't gonna happen. People that answer your question want to see that you actually tried to make it work, that you experimented and tried different things. That way you can tell us what you tried and what didn't work and we can help you find a solution.

If you create something and would like people to help you develop is a different story, but posting about two new things you just bought and expecting someone to give you code that makes it work is not gonna happen.

Just don't get Discouraged and keep working at it! Learn more about SPI and try it out and then come back and let us know how it went! =)


Thu, 12 Jul 2012 11:23:53 +0000

Hello! nik999389 thank you for answering, can that your advice serve me in the future. How I am new in this world, I have thought that maybe I must start with something simpler, and is not SPI comunication....

Now I am working with a module GPS and this comunication is easier!! I want to see GPS sentences on the graphic display of the basic I/O shield. I will tell you!! Maybe I need help....jaja.

Thank you for all


Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:54:52 +0000

No Problem! Just remember, whatever you do, keep working at it! It all takes time to learn and to get comfortable with. Keep up the hard work and hopefully when your done you can post up some of the projects you make! =D