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Created Wed, 18 Jan 2012 03:54:30 +0000 by lloyddean


Wed, 18 Jan 2012 03:54:30 +0000

I'm looking over the document "Cerebot MX7cKTM Board Reference Manual".

The document could really use a diagram showing the location, with labels, of each of the jumpers and connectors.

On the board I have some silk screened labels are hidden by the components leaving me guessing what is what and with out a pictorial diagram I'm left guessing - which apparently I'm not much good at.

Is there anything I can use to let me know how to connect the board for use with the lastest version the MPIDE.

I mean it's a nice looking board and everything but I'd enjoy it even more if I could make use if it. If I could access it from the MPIDE perhaps I could make it do something with it to make it more interesting to look at. As it is though ...


Sun, 22 Jan 2012 19:10:39 +0000

Anybody give me an idea as to why my questions seem to take forever to get any response?

Jacob Christ

Sat, 04 Feb 2012 06:44:34 +0000

Anybody give me an idea as to why my questions seem to take forever to get any response?

My guess is that most people answer questions or contribute to discussions that they can give some relevance too. Since most people here are probably working with Uno32's or Max32's you may not get an answer at all.



Sat, 04 Feb 2012 16:53:58 +0000

Hello Jacob,

I do realize that. The post was really just to draw attention to my question by putting it on the first page again.


Ryan K

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 00:51:08 +0000


The board should come with the bootloader preloaded onto the board in which case LD1 should be blinking. If not you are going to have to download MPLAB (MPLAB IDE v8.83 is fine) and program the bootloader to the board.

To program the bootloader to the board:

  1. Grab the bootloader from the Digilent website in the CerebotMX7ck section
  2. Enter MPLAB (take note this is not MPIDE) and connect the board to the PC using the micro USB port closest to the Ethernet port.
  3. Set the Power jumper to "DBG" and turn on the board.
  4. Go to Configure and then Select Device and set the device to "PIC32MX795F512L"
  5. Then go to Programmer | Select Programmer | 3. Licensed Debugger. Make sure that JP11 is unjumpered (JP11 is the jumper next to the on switch).
  6. Next go to File | Import and import the bootloader hex.
  7. Go to Programmer | Program this will program the bootloader and you should have LD1 blinking now.

To use MPIDE with the CerebotMX7ck:

  1. Attach the computer to the micro-USB port closest to the on switch.
  2. Set the power jumper to "UART" and turn on the board.
  3. Open MPIDE and select Tools | Board | Cerebot MX7ck.
  4. Choose the right serial port in Tools | Serial Port.

The board should be ready to go.

Best Regards, Ryan K


Tue, 14 Feb 2012 02:04:42 +0000


It was very kind of you to take the time and effort to explain all that - I do appreciate it thanks!

For the real answer to the problem check out the posting in the "Multi-Platform IDE" forum of the thread with same name: