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pin mapping

Created Mon, 30 May 2011 03:21:19 +0000 by codeDog


Mon, 30 May 2011 03:21:19 +0000

Hi all, I am totally new to this platform (and the pic32) - so pls excuse apparent simple question ... my max32 was delivered today and my first job was to get the on-board LED to blink ... easy ... but I am using pin13 in my code, when the LED is actually connected to pin59 on the pic32 ...

so I am wondering how do I find out what are the mappings in mpide between the pin number I use in the code and the physical board itself? For example, if I want to address pin 100 (PMD4) jack9/33, what do I use in my code? pinMode(100, OUTPUT)? or something else

thanks-in-advance, Mark


Mon, 30 May 2011 04:27:01 +0000

Mark put up a pinout list for the MAX32 board in a reply on this thread: he mentions "...this info can be found in pins_arduino.c"

Also, I found a schematic of the Uno32 board online somewhere, I think it was in a package of files... yes, this one:

unzip it to find the schematic PDF: chipKIT Uno32_bysa_sch.pdf It shows the various CPU ports (across several pages) and what they connect to ("SILK" note shows the silkscreen label for each pin on the PCB connectors).

I presume the same information is available in the Max32 files: