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Development with the Max32

Created Sun, 22 May 2011 23:55:48 +0000 by rmd6502


Sun, 22 May 2011 23:55:48 +0000

I'm a member of the excellent Alpha One Labs, a hackerspace in Brooklyn. Have a look at [url][/url]

I have a few projects in mind:

  1. Get the Arduino Ethernet shield working. I am highly interested in the ethernet PHY adaptor, when it's available, to use the builtin ethernet support.
  2. Develop a tiny web server that will monitor a reed switch on the door, and hopefully a parallax RFID reader also, and tweet who has entered the hackerspace.
  3. Expand the pic24 port for pymite ([url][/url]) to the pic32, and make the web server a bit more flexible. I doubt enough of the language is there to run something like django, but maybe a micro version of it?
  4. A Python class library to support the hardware. I haven't read the novel that is the USB specification, but would really like to collaborate with someone who has.