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Created Sun, 07 Aug 2011 22:17:22 +0000 by ricklon


Sun, 07 Aug 2011 22:17:22 +0000

The code for the ChipKit project is at Github and available for people to fork, and monitor the issue list. Also, the it's possible to checkout the master branch and build the bleeding edge version of the software.

Here's the project location:

The issue list is here:

The commit list is here:

With these three resources you can keep track of the latest changes to the project. Also, you can feel free to submit issues.

A lot of good changes have been added this week. The following libraries have had updates: Wire SPI Firmata SD Servo

There are other core changes and updates that are now associated with their issue numbers in the issue tracker. That code needs to get merged into master branch and into the core folder. A test build will be generated, and we will be closing out several issues.

If anyone has trouble getting access to these resources let me know.



Mon, 08 Aug 2011 00:21:51 +0000

Great to hear! Thanks!

What about EEPROM? Looks like there is still issues with the latest source (Not to mention the default "eeprom_read.pde" takes up over 25k!).

Slightly edited "eeprom_read.pde" in examples:

 * EEPROM Read
 * Reads the value of each byte of the EEPROM and prints it 
 * to the computer.
 * This example code is in the public domain.

#include <EEPROM.h>

// start reading from the first byte (address 0) of the EEPROM
int address = 0;
byte value;

void setup()

void loop()
  // advance to the next address of the EEPROM
  address = address + 1;
  // there are only 512 bytes of EEPROM, from 0 to 511, so if we're
  // on address 512, wrap around to address 0
  if (address == 512)
    address = 0;

void readAddress(int address) 
  // read a byte from the current address of the EEPROM
  value =;
  Serial.print(value, DEC);


0	0
0	0
0	0
1	252
1	0
1	0
2	252
2	0
2	0
3	252
3	0
3	0


Mon, 08 Aug 2011 15:50:17 +0000

Great news :)


Tue, 09 Aug 2011 03:28:53 +0000


EEPROM is being rewritten. It should be done in the next couple of days.

Gene Apperson Digilent


Tue, 09 Aug 2011 07:13:17 +0000

Hello, Thanks for the hard work you're doing to improve the compatibility of the chipkit with Arduino hardware. Would it be possible to have a clear status of what is working and what is not? I have seen the "Library page" in the Wiki but it is not complete, for example I had to go to the bug list in Github to see that the "attachInterrupt" function was not wrking yet. Also it would be interesting to have a roadmap to know what you are working on and when new functions will be available.



Tue, 09 Aug 2011 11:49:38 +0000


Thanks for the update and all the hard work you all are putting into this! It doesn't go unappreciated!


Tue, 09 Aug 2011 16:46:39 +0000

Raf & Whoover

Thanks for the kind comments. I think that I underestimated the amount of work that was going to be involved when we started this project. It seems that I'm always underestimating the amount of work involved and how long it's going to take. ;)

Once the next release is out (hopefully in a very few days). We'll go through and update the libraries page with more current and correct status.

Gene Apperson Digilent


Tue, 22 May 2012 06:10:42 +0000

I am very glad to know about this great news. Thanks for nice share.