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[solved] ChipKit Lenny - Can we remap pin for a test?

Created Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:15:15 +0000 by sopal


Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:15:15 +0000

solved: after read this docu have checked out this for my topic question:

// remap U1TX to RC7
	if (mapPps(6,PPS_OUT_U1TX))...


hi everybody,

i am new user and say to everybody "hi" :) hope for a help in my asking. sry for the bad english.

i bought last days the ChipKit Lenny board. still waiting for delivery for first test. in the meantime i read here and there and found for me a question for possibles in my later doings. i would test an fixed adapter on the board pinheader and would use for UART1 (Serial1 ) other pins, means U2Tx (2) i would use RC7 (6) ( i am little confus about UART1 and U2TX/U2RX naming )

i saw the UARTn pins for the board U2Tx ( RB7 ) Board Pin 2 U2Rx ( RC6 ) Board Pin 4

i read in the docu of the Lenny board

side 9 B.3 UART

Serial0 / Uart2 RX (RC8) 0 TX (RC9) 1

Serial1 / Uart1 Rx (RC6) 4 Tx (RB7) 2

side 7 A Pin Mapping 2 RB7 INT0/U2TX 4 RC6 INT2/U2RX

my ask is:

what is mean with U2TX, is this the pin name of the chip or intern name?

cause i would remap this one pin simple by RPC7R = B0001; // U1TX

but it looks like the PPS ( only U1TX is in the table for RPB7 and RPC7 ) is not possible to this U2TX but it is in the same output pin selection table.

i would start the aduino code by RPC7R = B0001;

and would start


have i then this UARTn on Board Pins 6 (RC7) as TxD 4 (RC6) as RxD

is this the correct way? do i can edit for a test the Board_Data file
or full other way?

for your help and answere