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UECIDE reinstall for FubarinoSD

Created Mon, 29 Jun 2015 12:28:26 +0000 by tcsaba101


Mon, 29 Jun 2015 12:28:26 +0000

Hi there

After a long trip in hw side of development, I am back to major sw improvement on my system. Extending my former data logger with new input channels, based on Fubarino SD.

I started to use the UECIDE where I ceased up: version 0.8.7j. It was working till today, and trying to open an existing sketch while one sketch was open it has freezed. I had to exit in Windows task manager.

After restarting Win and Uecide it has lost all the setups. At that point I tried to install the latest version, without success, the old version started again. Anyway I had installed earlier on my Lab computer the new version with success. This should be completed on my regular notebook what I mainly use for code generation.

So I setted up the old version again, but I got veird error messages on code was complied perfectly before crash. see the picture [attachment=1]Uecide_issue.JPG[/attachment] Another sketch has different veird report.

I tried to install the newest version again, after deleting the old one. There are much less files, folders than in the previous version. [attachment=0]Uecide_issue2.JPG[/attachment] Doesn't start the UECIDE.exe. Probably I have to delete some old temporary files.

So before I get lost I need some help what to do to reinstall the newest version.

Thanks, Csaba


Mon, 29 Jun 2015 12:55:29 +0000

You should switch to the latest beta version. There's a number of ways of running / installing it.

First you need to purge all your old boards and cores, etc. If you can run UECIDE at all, then go to the Help menu, select Debug, and go to "Open Data Folder". Delete everything in the explorer window that opens up. There should be folders for boards, cores, compilers, plugins, etc and a preferences.txt. Delete the lot.

If you can't run UECIDE then try getting to that folder manually. Again, a number of ways - the easiest is probably:

  • Open an Explorer (file manager) window
  • In the Address box at the top (where the path is), type: %UECIDE%
  • Hit return - it should take you to that folder.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to set about finding it manually. C:\Users\csaba.TMARKTDOMAIN\AppData\Local\uecide is the most likely location.

Once you have got rid of all that lot you can uninstall (or otherwise delete) your old version of UECIDE from Program Files (x86)/Majenko Technologies

Now you can either install the new version. Choose one of:

  • Installation package - installs it as before in program files. If you have Java installed choose the "lite" version, otherwise the "full" version.
  • Zip file - you can put it where you like then and run it manually - no installing
  • NEW Bundle file - this is a single executable that you just run. It has everything (except java) inside it. No installation, no unzipping, nothing - just click it and run.

From there you'll need to install all the boards and things that you need. You should find it easier in the new plugin manager compared to the old one.


Mon, 29 Jun 2015 23:05:00 +0000

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I did as you suggested," uecide-0.8.8alpha18-bundle.exe" get started.

Opening and compling the file I am working, I get: [attachment=0]Uecide_issue3.JPG[/attachment]

My first impression about the beta version: it starts very slow the editor window is looks much more readable, more informative the default icons are quite faded, the changes are only in effect at next start.

Thanks: Csaba


Tue, 30 Jun 2015 12:05:21 +0000

The errors you are seeing are (I think) because you have old versions of libraries hanging around that are being used in preference to the internal libraries of UECIDE. Delete (or otherwise move) them.


Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:39:33 +0000

I have removed everyhing what was part of the old system for sure! But you are right, I linked my existing library folder in the preferences. It has worked till now.

I have edited almost all the libraries what I am using. And I like when the library is in my working folder.

Now I removed the link from preferences, then it works till the specific libraries comes in the compliation thread. I have to include my specific libs.

I see the new library structure is much more segmented to board families what is logical. What you recommend how should I add my libraries? I tried some ways but seems to be not the correct procedure.