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WiFire Low Sleep Power

Created Mon, 01 Jun 2015 23:36:31 +0000 by briandpc


Mon, 01 Jun 2015 23:36:31 +0000

I am trying to build a battery device using the WiFire board.

I can only get the board sleep current down to 12 m amps minimum

The attached picture show a simple application (MPIDE) that wakes and sleeps every other second

I have tried all the recommended PIC32MZ sleep postings

I am not sure if the 12 m amps is due to the processor or something on the WiFire board

The WiFI chip is in hibernate mode

Just to be complete I also wrote a native MPLABX application to eliminate any Aurduio-Ness

The results we identical 12 m amps

I would appreciate any help or experience with this

FYI using 7.2 volt battery via the ext power

Thanks Brian



Wed, 20 Jan 2016 07:22:53 +0000


You should have all pins in Hz except Hibernate. Also you shouldn't have connected any peripheral (usb, microSD card), connect a jumper on pins 3 and 4 from J17 and also on pins 1 and 2 from J16. Also pins 1 and 2 from J16 can be used to measure the current.

Regards, Cristian