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chipKIT Pi PIC32MX programmer

Created Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:08:03 +0000 by nroff-man


Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:08:03 +0000


Since last year I have been gradually porting my PIC32 ICSP code from the Raspberry Pi to the AVR, then the STM32 and finally we arrive at PIC32 on the chipKIT Pi (and SDXL).

The project page is here: [url][/url]

This is designed to operate with the chipKIT Pi detached from the Pi host. The original MX250 and upgraded MX270 are supported.

The firmware is designed to load using the standard boot loader and uses USB as it's programming interface. The page above has some photos.

The pins used for ICSP are great for the chipKIT Pi but perhaps nowhere else, so if you load this firmware onto a different board it may be ugly.