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seeedstudio tft touch v2.0

Created Mon, 15 Dec 2014 01:55:19 +0000 by cblackburn1099


Mon, 15 Dec 2014 01:55:19 +0000

Just been given one of these boards.

it's a nice little 320/240 board that is 50 bucks over at radioshack.

has anyone had any experience with one of these? The library looks really easy to work with, it's all SPI. the default library obviously isn't going to work and will need some tweaking, but my curiosity is that the library looks really simple and just really bitbanging stuff out of the relative SPI port. I'm looking to use this on a WF32.


Mon, 15 Dec 2014 10:12:48 +0000


this appears to use the ILI9341 chip supported by UTFT. You might have a look at that library and the touch support given by Henning Karlsens libraries. He is pretty supportive with ChipKit. I used the library with the same chip on a PIC32MX250 but had to add support for that chip as Henning has never tested the PIC32MX250 chip. Worked fine.

Ciao, Mathias


Mon, 15 Dec 2014 10:14:49 +0000

My TFT library has ILI9340 support, but not ILI9341. There can't be much difference between them, so adding ILI9341 support shouldn't be hard (just check the init commands).

I see that screen doesn't have a touch chip on it - it just gives the raw resistive connections. That's the first "separate" screen without a touch chip that I've ever seen. The only other one I know of without is the Picadillo-35T, but then that's got an empedded PIC32 and the screen is wired direct to it. However, that does mean that my TFT library has support for direct analog reading of a resistive touch screen.

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Tue, 17 Mar 2015 09:23:45 +0000

I have just taken delivery of an ILI9341 based screen. Later on today I shall have a go at implementing a driver for my new DisplayCore library set.

Edit: Actually, I was wrong. It was the ILI9481 screen I had ordered that arrived today - still waiting for the ILI9341. Still, I have added ILI9481 to the DisplayCore library now...