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chipKIT WF32 http server example not connecting

Created Fri, 22 Aug 2014 02:05:03 +0000 by Anthony


Fri, 22 Aug 2014 02:05:03 +0000

Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place... I have a problem getting the WF32 to connect to my phones hotspot, The WF32 sees the hotspot but does not connect... Scan info for index: 4 SSID: HTCPortable Secuity type: 3 Channel: 6 Signal Strength: 94 Count of support bit rates: 8 Supported Rate: 1000000 bps etc SSID MAC: A826D93A9CEF Beacon Period: 100 dtimPeriod: 2 atimWindow: 0

About To Connect Connection Created, ConID = 1 Wait 30-40 seconds to establish the connection WiFi not connected Shutting down Resting for 30 seconds

The WF32 seems to wait 3 seconds then goes to shut down... Any help would be appreciated. Regards Anthony


Thu, 28 Aug 2014 20:29:29 +0000

Hello Anthony,

In the config.h file, make sure you have set the SSID to your hotspot and the pass-phrase too. You need to comment the #define USE_WPA2_KEY and comment out the #define USE_WPA2_PASSPHRASE. This will cause the key to be calculated from the pass-phrase you supplied. In the case where you do not need to authenticate the security, comment out all #define authentications.


Jesse N.