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Barcode reader + max32 comparator

Created Wed, 30 Apr 2014 12:29:06 +0000 by Velajesus


Wed, 30 Apr 2014 12:29:06 +0000

Hello everybody, I am new with this board. I have the project "Barcode reader + max32 comparator" . In this project, I read the first barcode and compare it whit next barcodes. if one is different, max32 turn a red lamp on. I have bought a board max32, and I want to connect a barcode with usb output, my question is if I can connect it directly to the usb port of the max32 as a usb host or I need to buy some shield board? If I need to buy it, which board I need to buy? Could you help me please? I know most of you are experts on this topics....

Thank you...

Jacob Christ

Sun, 04 May 2014 18:32:40 +0000

USB Barcode scanners usually (but not always) emulate a keyboard. I have used a circuits at home USB Host shield with an Uno32 to host a keyboard. Its probably possible using the native chipKIT code but I haven't tried. We are hosting android devices which I see as more complex than a Keyboard.

My ported branch is here: