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TFT01_3.2W from Elec Freaks add on SD card need modification

Created Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:50:07 +0000 by WRainer


Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:50:07 +0000

Hello I have the display TFT01_3.2W from Elec Freaks and expierenced a random behaviour when try to use the build in SD card slot. It was just good luck if I could read files from the SD card or not. I tried several different SW adaption but nothing provided reliable access. Then I remembered that this shield was build for arduino and not for chipkit. As the SD is specified for about 2.7 to 3.3V I could expect that this shield has implemented some measure to ensure interworking between 5V and 3.3V. As this is a cheap Chinese shield (you pay for what you get) it was a simple 2K resistor in series to access SD_DIN. After bridging this resistor (In my case "R2") I experienced a reliable working SD card. Even further a before non working SD card works now also. Maybe somebody has the same shield and problems with the SD card and above hint may help.


BTW: bridging all resistors to the SD card has not helped only the R2 resistor bridging has solved my problem


Thu, 27 Nov 2014 07:10:46 +0000

Thanks for sharing. good luck