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Trouble saving sketches

Created Wed, 18 Sep 2013 19:20:51 +0000 by DandyDon


Wed, 18 Sep 2013 19:20:51 +0000

I seem to be caught in a loop when I save some of the demo files...

If I open one of the demo files (like ChipKITWebServer.pde) & make some changes to it, when I try saving it I get a message box stating:

Some files are marked "read-only", so you'll need to re-save this sketch to another location.

No problem. I chose another location in the "Save sketch folder as..." dialogue box & continue coding.

But when I look at the files in Windows Explorer, I see a new folder with the newly modified *.pde file in it. When I make more changes to the newly modified file & save them, the process repeats & the folder tree grows deeper...

Is there a setting in the preferences that needs un-checking or some other issue with my MPIDE? I'm using the MPIDE 0023-windows-20130715.

Thanks in advance for any help!!


Thu, 19 Sep 2013 02:47:02 +0000

You really shouldn't change example sketches in case you need to reference them later. If you load a example sketch then play around with it, simply do a "Save as...." This should save your modified example sketch in the sketchbook. You can then open it from the "Scetchbook" and the original example will still be in "Examples"