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Release Candidate 1 20130514

Created Wed, 15 May 2013 01:33:49 +0000 by ricklon


Wed, 15 May 2013 01:33:49 +0000

We are on the way to the Open Source release with the plib dependency gone. This is the fully open source release candidate one. If there is something closed source still. Let me know. As well as feel free to test with your boards the new changes and features. There are several updates for the Uploader, Optimized Board Menus, multiple open files for the SD card library, MX1/MX2 support.

New and cool: Removed dependencies on PLIB.h INPUT_PULLUP, and INPUT_PULLDOWN MX1/MX2 support with Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) SD card updates for Arduino 1.0 compatibility, and multiple open file support More boards supported

Release Candidate 1 20130514

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Wed, 22 May 2013 15:03:33 +0000


i've tried to migrate a program from the 20121013-test to the 20130514-test. When i compile i've no problem with the oldest version but with the new one i've problem with the interrupts :

Errors messages are : 'INTDisableInterrupts' was not declared in this scope 'INTEnableInterrupts' was not declared in this scope