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SD Card lib not up to date

Created Wed, 06 Feb 2013 15:32:24 +0000 by PICedh


Wed, 06 Feb 2013 15:32:24 +0000


There are some new functions in the arduino SD Card lib like freeClusterCount that returns the free space available on the SD Card. These functions are not included in the last MPIDE package, do you known if there is plan to updgrade it ?


Jacob Christ

Thu, 07 Feb 2013 14:48:40 +0000

One of my colleagues has ported Arduino 1.0 SD lib for 0023 and its out there on github. We are working towards rolling it in but we have been busy.

I'll try to post a link later.



Thu, 07 Feb 2013 19:06:36 +0000

Thanks for the feed back.

I have ported the function freeClusterCount that I needed so there is no matter of urgence



Fri, 08 Feb 2013 04:05:06 +0000

I don't remember freeClusterCount but that was not my purpose in doing the port so it may be in there. I needed to be able to open two files at the same time and it did work for that.