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Cat voice box

Created Sat, 11 Jun 2011 23:22:41 +0000 by Addidis


Sat, 11 Jun 2011 23:22:41 +0000

I have been planning to use a wavshield , mainly as an excuse to test out shield compatibility but HackaDay beat my wavshield to my door with the fully software version of what I was planning on making. So I started playing with that code and thought I would post the idea while I wait for some weather to make a video.

My cat loves to go outside to the point she knows the word , and tries to say it. I figured I could leverage her love for going out side , and the proven fact she knows the word "outside" and make a button she could push that would say "outside". Then make a video of her asking to go outside.

Ive got the code chopped up and am now using buttons for input , I found the piezo buzzers sketchy for a cat to master. And did some debouncing for the switch (trying to anticipate how she would press it , and make it not just scare her away spamming). I need to figure out a Kitty Interface that wont promote her chewing on cables which means not having any cables showing. And I am still working on making my sound byte. No worry though my cat is not dumb , she only ask's to go out side when its nice and its been cold and rainy in chicago lately.

Hopefully she will cooperate when the time comes. :)

For what it is worth the talking dogs on youtube got me wondering if they were legit , and if the videos were legit why wasn't my cat talking. Since then I made a point to try to train her to learn words. To my amazement it worked. But it is more like baby talk where only the parent understands it very much like the talking dogs on youtube. They taught Apes to talk threw computers why not this?