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chipKIT DP32 Deluxe

Posted 2013-11-14 15:25:30 by Majenko

chipKIT DP32 Deluxe

The chipKIT DP32 is a great little board. Designed to fit in a standard project box and providing a respectable prototyping area to construct support circuitry on, it would be a good choice of board for many different hobby projects or one off custom designs or prototypes. It is also equipped with a potentiometer, four LED's and two push buttons, along with unpopulated footprints for an SPI Memory Chip and a temperature sensor. The basic building blocks for any Microcontroller training course which, when combined with it's keen pricing, make it a good choice for education too.

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Reference materials for chipKIT

Posted 2013-08-09 22:49:01 by Majenko

Dr. Andrew Veronis, Advanced Micro Circuits and Donald Jackson, Labcenter Electronics North America has created a reference materials called "A User's Guide to chipKIT and Pmods". It includes eight chapters including "What is microcontroller, Programming and so on. Each chapter covers theories, examples and hands on projects. It is free downloaded at

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ChipKIT BB32

Posted 2013-06-20 23:58:10 by Majenko

This is an implementation of a  ChipKIT platform on a Solderless Breadboard, using the Microchip PIC32MX250F128B that is now available with a Bootloader preinstalled. This implementation is based on the Digilent ChipKIT DP32, but modified to make it cheaper, flexible and cost effective for Hobbyists and Students in 3rd World Countries such as my own. (Shipping costs and import duties can be crippling). The circuit uses the Right Hand side of a Standard Solderless Breadboard and is designed for the smallest possible footprint. This means that more than half of the breadboard, on the Left Hand side, is available for

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chipKIT USB for Serial with Windows Embedded

Posted 2013-05-02 08:13:59 by Majenko

The following is a conversation between Jacob Christ and Brian Schmalz with resolutions regarding using chipKIT boards that use USB for serial (Fubarino SD, PONTECH Quick240, PONTECH UAV100, ect) with Windows Embedded.

Jacob: FYI, The USB.inf file does not work on XP Embedded.  It's probably due to missing sys or inf files (since XP Embedded is a subset of XP Pro).  We are working on a fix and will post when we figure it out.  

Brian: This is an issue that has come up before with my EiBotBoard I believe. It is due to a lack of the usbser.sys file. Note that when an OEM of XPE generates a build, they can choose to not

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Wifi shield configuration from SD card

Posted 2013-04-09 14:33:16 by Majenko


A library for the Digilent chipKIT development boards. It lets you configure the wifi settings of the digilent wifi shield from a configuration file on the SD card. Library main page :


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