Basic IO Shield OLED in DisplayCore

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Basic IO Shield OLED in DisplayCore

Post by majenko » Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:25 pm

Good News!

DisplayCore ( now has full support for the 128x32 OLED display on the Basic IO Shield. You now have a professional grade graphics framework for it!

However, there is one small modification that you need to make to your Basic IO Shield for it to work properly. For some reason Digilent decided to tie the CS pin of the OLED permanantly LOW through a 10K resistor (R34 underneath the board by the OLED connector). Instead, that CS pin needs to be under the control of the MCU, so you need to add a wire between the OLED side of that resistor to an available IO pin so that it can be toggled at the right time in order to frame the transactions properly.
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