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UECIDE, the acronym for Universal Embedded Computing IDE, began life as a fork of MPIDE (Multi-Platform IDE). The author of UECIDE, who happened to be developing MPIDE at the time, had too many ideas for drastic changes to the IDE that would change it beyond all recognition, so UECIDE was born. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own, becoming a true multi-microcontroller programming IDE that facilitates the programming of a multitude of boards using various cores, simply via the selection of a menu entry. Some of the more advanced features of UECIDE include:

  • Advanced text editor
  • Plugin system for expanding UECIDE
  • Support for many different microcontrollers, including PIC32
  • High performance cached compilation routines

For more information about UECIDE and to download the software, visit the following: More Info/Download

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