chipKIT Oscilloscope Plotter

Hackaday: chipKIT O-Scope Plotter
Live long and prosper – Drawing in the XY mode of an O-Scope

So many chipKIT projects, so little time! At least that’s what Jacob Christ probably thought, but as he taught his microcontroller class at MtSac, he remembered that one project he always wanted to do! What’s that you say? Why drawing in the XY mode of the oscilloscope, of course! So, armed with a chipKIT Fubarino SD and a Microchip MCP4902 DAC, Jacob and students together made art on the o-scope. Sounds too cool to pass up right? To learn how to do it yourself or to see just how they did this, check out the Hackaday post!

May your art and creativity live long and prosper!

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