chipKIT Murum Lux Wall of Light: LEDs, Human Interface, and Ethernet

This weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, California, the chipKIT Platform will be showcased at the Microchip booth (located in the Expo Hall in Zone 2, booth 2510, east most side of the hall).

One of the items you’ll see at the booth is the Murum Lux (or Wall of Light), which uses PIC32 32-bit microcontrollers via the chipKIT Wi-FIRE and the chipKIT Fubarino Mini to create what Josh Ian Linsday calls “Murum Lux” (Latin for “Wall of Light”). Using a Sabrewing Development Board from Microchip for gesture control, he created an e-field box, then using IPLogika’s Ethernet modules, he connected the e-field box to the RGB LED matrix panel to control the content displaying on the “wall of light.” This stuff is way too cool to reduce down to a small paragraph!

You’ll have to check out Josh’s blog post to see how he put this all together!

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