Murum Lux Human Interface: chipKIT Fubarino Mini and Hover Gesture

Microchip GestIC MGC3130 Sabrewing Evaluation Board
GestIC Sabrewing Evaluation Board

As a follow-on to a previous post, today’s post is about the human interface portion of the Murum Lux (Wall of Light) that Josh Ian Lindsay built. In his Overview post, Josh explains how he built the e-field box by using a chipKIT Fubarino Mini and Microchip’s MGC3130 GestIC on-board the Sabrewing Development Board. (He notes that he used the Hillstar Development Kit during development, which also contains the MGC3130 GestIC device). With the Hover Arduino library as a base, which he greatly improved (see Github), he’s created a demo that showcases the usefulness of human interface!

Why not have a gander!

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