Future online laboratories through chipKIT

A few professionals have published a research paper “A novel concept for configuring online laboratories” with the use of PIC kit in the Experiment International Conference.  (See below abstract)

They are interested in doing this with chipKIT in the future. Abstract—Embedded online laboratories are becoming frequent nowadays, because they can include both the functionality of a data acquisition device and the functionality of a webserver and this, in turn, results in lower implementation costs. However, while it is easy to configure a laboratory server which is located on a computer, the local configuration and control of an embedded laboratory is more challenging, because of the lack of interactive peripherals (such as the keyboard is to a computer). This paper introduces a novel concept which allows administrators to easily achieve the local configuration of the embedded (on-chip) laboratory parameters (including network settings) by using a mobile device.

Reference: B.Deaky, T. F. Andrade, L. Parv, “A novel concept for configuring online laboratories”, in Proceedings of the 2nd Experiment@ International Conference — Online Experimentation (exp.at’13), Coimbra, Portugal, September 18-20, 2013, pp. 79 – 82.

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