Arduino IDE Compatibility – Beta Testing for chipKIT Core

chipKIT News: chipKIT-core beta testing

chipKIT core is ready for beta testers!

The chipKIT platform development team is very excited to announce general availability of a chipKIT-core download that can be used within the latest Arduino™ IDE. You can now program all of the chipKIT boards directly from within the Arduino IDE. The new chipKIT-core is currently available for broad testing, and is actively being updated as issues are identified. The chipKIT platform development team sincerely appreciates all feedback from users who try out this new form of chipKIT development tools.

Along with moving the chipKIT platform into the Arduino IDE, this chipKIT-core also moves the chipKIT platform towards full Arduino 1.6.x API compatibility. The most-used libraries included with the chipKIT platform have already been updated to be compatible with the Arduino 1.6.x library API, and chipKIT platform developers are actively working on bringing the remaining libraries up to the latest API level as well. All of these changes mean that taking your existing Arduino sketch and running it on a chipKIT board is getting easier and easier.

For more information, please visit our chipKIT-core Wiki page!

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chipKIT Uno32 with Arduino LCD Shield

Arduino LCD Shield compatible with chipKIT Uno32!
Arduino LCD Shield – Compatible with chipKIT Uno32!

Do you need an LCD for your chipKIT project? Check out this quick “hello world” example to get your chipKIT Uno32 up and running with the Arduino LCD Shield! For a more useful example, check out this example for how to connect and display a Photoresistor or LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) to your circuit and display the value on your LCD!

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Kickstarter: Remote Automation with Arduino-compatible Connect-Pi

Connect-Pi System: Remote Automation for Arduino-type systems
Remote Automation for Arduino-type systems

Another cool Kickstarter is under way! It’s called Connect-Pi, and it combines a Raspberry Pi web server and a responsive, mobile web application to create an automation system, allowing the user to control and monitor Arduino-type systems from anywhere in the world. Connect-PI allows you to connect up to 10 devices out of the box but you can add more devices by simply configuring the IP addresses of the new devices. Currently, Connect-PI libraries are tested for Arduino Uno boards, but they are portable to any microcontroller-based platform (including the chipKIT platform)!

Why not check it out?!

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