Mac OS X Installation

Important Note: This page describes how to install MPIDE (Multi-Platform IDE). However, as of January 2016 MPIDE has been replaced by chipKIT-core, which can be easily installed into the official Arduino IDE v1.6.7 or later. MPIDE is no longer being maintained, and is quickly falling behind. This page will be retained for compatibility with external resources that may depend on it.

New users are strongly encouraged to use chipKIT-core instead.

  1. Click the button/link below to download the current released version of MPIDE for OS X
  2. Download MPIDE for Mac™ OS

  3. Mount the dmg file
  4. Install the FTDIUSBSerialDriver package if necessary
  5. Drag the MPIDE to the Applications folder
  6. Eject the dmg file
  7. Start MPIDE
  8. Connect the USB cable from the Mac to the chipKIT board
  9. Go to MPIDE Tools -> Board and choose the appropriate chipKIT board
  10. Go to MPIDE Tools -> Serial Port and choose /dev/cu.usbserial-A5400Hpt

Advanced Users

For more information on previous versions of releases and files, see the links below: