Install chipKIT software


chipKIT-compatible IDEs

Currently there are several options for IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). They are listed in the order by which we recommend their use.

In addition to these tools, please see the software products section for other software options, including embedXcode, Visual Micro, and PlatformIO.

MPIDE Downloads

To download the current release version of MPIDE, see the links below for your particular operating System. Download MPIDE for Windows®

Download MPIDE for Mac™ OS

Download MPIDE for Linux™ 32-bit

Download MPIDE for Linux™ 64-bit

Download MPIDE for Raspberry Pi

A Detailed step-by-step procedure for installing MPIDE is available at the following links, based on your OS:

Having Trouble Porting Code?

In addition to the official release of MPIDE, several test releases are available. If you are having trouble, and the official release is more than a month old, there is a good chance that a recent test release will solve the problem. Check out the index of files available on our download server.

Another option is the excellent UECIDE, which is actively maintained by one of our team members. UECIDE is updated quite frequently, and your problem may already be solved. Check it out here:

If neither option helps, then please head over to our support forum.

Advanced Users

For more information on previous versions of releases and files, see the links below: