Install chipKIT Software

You bought your board, now how do you get started? Here’s some direction.

1. Install MPIDE

If you are a new user of chipKIT platform, download the latest version of the Multi Platform Integrated Development Environment (MPIDE for short) for your particular operating System:
  A Detailed step-by-step procedure for installing the software is available at the following links, based on your OS:

For advanced users

The links mentioned below take you to the list of previous versions of releases and files.

2. Learn the basics

Next step is to get familiar with the programming tools. Here are a couple of resources to help get you started:
  • The MPIDE Quick Start Guide - Here’s a tutorial that will walk you through some of the basic features of the MPIDE software environment.
  • Using Third Party Libraries -  This important tutorial will demonstrate how you can download and use libraries that a manufacturer will generally make available for any expansion hardware they have created for the chipKIT™ or Arduino™ platforms.
  • chipKIT Libraries - List of libraries that can be included in the sketch while you code.
  • chipKIT core functions - These are library functions that are inherently included in your MPIDE and doesnt need to be included in your sketch.

3. Participate in the chipKIT Community

If you look to the right menu on this website, you will notice a section at the top called “Categories”. This section will feature a number of resources contributed by the chipKIT team and the chipKIT Community. These include:
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Projects
  • Videos
  • and other resources

At the bottom of the right menu on this page is a link to register to become a member of the chipKIT community. Sign up today so that you can post your own content and help this community grow!

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