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QuickIO Shield

Post by majenko » Fri May 13, 2016 4:43 pm

Ever wanted to just slap a couple of buttons, knobs and/or LEDs on to a chipKIT board to quickly try something out?

Ever thought "I could really use a potentiometer on an analog input right now to set this parameter in my sketch..."?

Well life just got a whole lot easier for you.

Introducing the new chipKIT QuickIO shield.
2016-05-13 14.48.20-sm.jpg
2016-05-13 14.48.20-sm.jpg (178.72 KiB) Viewed 409 times
Four buttons, two potentiometers and eight LEDs mean you instantly have at your fingertips just those controls you want.

Achieve in a matter of seconds what rapidly becomes a chore using breadboard and wires.

Available now from my eBay Shop!


Note: this shield uses the "R3" footprint and requires the IOREF pin. This makes it also work flawlessly on Arduino boards as well. If your board lacks the IOREF pin just solder in a wire between IOREF and +3.3V (or +5V for 5V Arduino boards).
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