Access SD Card on Cerebot

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Access SD Card on Cerebot

Post by fly523 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:55 pm

Hi all,

Looking through the web, I cannot found approach to get the SD card work with my cerebot mx7ck.

On my hardware, I connected my Pmod SD to my port D, which map to SPI1 of PIC chip.

On the pin number mapping, I see it is different from who are using Max32 or uno32.

I used the mpide build 20130903.

I try to run the example of SD library: Cardinfo. However, it fails at the initialization.

My SPI have chipkit pin 25-28 instead of 10-13.
I tried to change the SD\utility\Sd2Card.h, Sd2PinMap.h to match the pin, but it is not able to work.

I suspect if the SPI library used in SD library is not compatible to cerebot,
as I found there is a library called DSPI, which I used for LCD display.

If it is the case, is there new library in progress to support cerebot?
Or can anyone point me to the file to be modified for making the DSPI work under SD library?

Did anyone faced same problem as I does? Any comments are appreciated.

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