Official Release 20130715 Open Source Compiler

Announcements for new builds and MPIDE enhancements
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Official Release 20130715 Open Source Compiler

Post by ricklon » Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:30 am

Hi All,

From here on out this branch of the project will get bug fixes. The new work will be towards Arduino 1.x compatibility. The math errors from the previous release have been resolved in all the test builds since. So those issues are gone.

Highlights for this release:
Interrupt Vector Handler
Boards organized into sub menus
MX1/MX2 support
Pullup/Pulldown support added
Arduino 1.0 SD card library support
Several new boards, Fubarino SD, Fubarino Mini, DSP32, Pinguino
16 and 32 bit transfers in DSPI
RaspberryPi Build available

Servo.h issue resolved with int.c
sqrt, sin, and math errors all resolved from previous official release

A complete list of resolved issues can be found here: ... ate=closed

The release build was created 20130715 so that's that date on build. They can be downloaded here.

Mac OS X ... 130715.dmg

Linux ... 130715.tgz ... 130715.tgz

Windows ...

RaspberryPI ... 130715.tgz

As always feel free to discuss here on the forums, and for issues please file them at ... state=open

There are lot of great next steps for the pic32 core, and the MPIDE. We are now on the road to 1.x and beyond. :-)


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