chipKIT UNO32 with Simulink

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chipKIT UNO32 with Simulink

Post by alexlozano » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:41 am

Hi everyone!
I've just bought my Uno32 board so I'm new to this community.

I've been trying to use the MATLAB / Simulink support for Arduino Uno with the Uno32 kit. ... atlab.html ... ulink.html

MATLAB worked just fine with the board, but I wasn't able to communicate using Simulink.

Basically, after installing the target (with targetinstaller) I tried to load the "Getting started" example, but Simulink displays an error message stating the board is unrecognized.

One of the suggested suggestions is to replace the FTDI driver with the "Arduino Uno" driver, but when I do that the device remains in conflict saying it can't be initialized.

Any ideas or previous experiences with it?

Thanks in advance!

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