Printing long long

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Printing long long

Post by pito » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:16 pm

Maybe that would be of great help when having it in Serial.print().
Adding printing to the print class:

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signed long long int
unsigned long long int
What we have now:

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D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:64:7: note: candidates are: void Print::println(const String&)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:65:7: note:                 void Print::println(const char*) <near match>
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:66:7: note:                 void Print::println(char, int)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:67:7: note:                 void Print::println(unsigned char, int)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:68:7: note:                 void Print::println(int, int)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:69:7: note:                 void Print::println(unsigned int, int)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:70:7: note:                 void Print::println(long int, int)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:71:7: note:                 void Print::println(long unsigned int, int)
D:\ProgramFiles\arduino\uecide\hardware\cores\chipKIT\api/Print.h:72:7: note:                 void Print::println(double, int)
So we miss long long stuff (64bit) and double (64bit - this is its precision today).

This is a workaround for example:

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char buf[22];
long long int nnn = 123456789012345678LL;
sprintf(buf, "%lld", nnn);
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Re: Printing long long and double

Post by majenko » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:22 pm

The problem is, the Arduino API only uses long in the Print class, so we can't really warrant using long long as it would break the Arduino API compatibility.
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Re: Printing long long

Post by Jacob Christ » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:15 pm

How would it break compatibility? Couldn't we as chipKIT take the view that Arduino is a subset of chipKIT, kind of like how C is a subset of C++? It also seems like this is something that we might be ahead of the curve on for Due that might be needed there in the future..

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