Tutorial for Cloud-enabling chipKIT uC32 with Raspberry Pi

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Tutorial for Cloud-enabling chipKIT uC32 with Raspberry Pi

Post by Tayeb » Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:25 pm

I have just published a new tutorial that shows step by step how to Cloud-enable a project with chipKIT Digilent uC32, Basic I/O and Raspberry Pi. I used Exosite's free service for developers,

As Raspberry Pi can be easily connected to Web, one can also Cloud-enable one's applications done with chipKIT uC32 (or in fact any other microcontroller).

Both chipKIT uC32 and Raspberry Pi are quite interesting, both with stregths and weaknesses and marrying them together can be also very convenient and cheap.

So here is the link to the tutorial:

http://redacacia.me/2014/06/19/cloud-en ... pberry-pi/

Microchip has made a chipKIT board that can be connected quite easily to Raspberry. It is called chipKIT Pi and sold in Europe by Farnell. Unfortunately there has not been much work, or examples published for chipKIT Pi

I have used instead chipKIT uC32 and connected to Raspberry Pi through an USB cable.
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