Breadboardable PIC32MZ?

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Re: Breadboardable PIC32MZ?

Post by EmbeddedMan » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:21 pm

Very cool! Is it in a repo somewhere? (the bootloader sketch)

And have you updated your pic32prog version with the necessary changes? I've love to test this out on my SDZs.


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Re: Breadboardable PIC32MZ?

Post by majenko » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:08 pm

Yes - all you should need is here:
You will need to craft yourself a board that uses the provided linker scripts (both the board-level and "common" one). An updated pic32prog is here:
There is no "prog" button any more. The bootloader works like the UART one - runs by default for a few seconds before the main sketch. Since it's a HID device not a CDC/ACM one you don't get any issues of COM ports wandering around. So programming is just a case of pressing RESET at the right time.

For pic32prog you need to use the parameters:

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pic32prog -R 20 -d an1388:<vid>:<pid> <filename.hex>
where VID and PID are whatever you choose in the bootloader sketch. I allocated the top of our PID range to the bootloader for simplicity - all the boards that use this bootloader can use that pair quite happily unless you have a specific requirement to change it. So:

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pic32prog -R 20 -d an1388:04d8:0f5f <filename.hex>
pic32prog will prompt you to reset the board (that's what the -R 20 does).

You'll want to check out the "#pragma config" settings for your board, though most likely there's not much to change, unless you're not using a 24MHz external clock module.
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