chipKIT-Driven LED Matrix Displays Text Sent via Bluetooth

With this fun Instructables tutorial by jolliFactory, you can learn to use chipKIT Uno32 to drive a set of LED Matrix Displays that will display text sent over Bluetooth, for example from an app on your Android phone.

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chipKIT-Driven LED Matrix Displays Text Sent via Bluetooth, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

One thought on “chipKIT-Driven LED Matrix Displays Text Sent via Bluetooth”

  1. I am the author for this instructable project. Initially, I was using an Arduino Nano board to drive the display but I am unable to make the display scroll smoothly. I was using the excellent LedControl library that has been specifically written for the MAX7219 which greatly simplifies the program coding. I was satisfied with the scrolling text display performance only after I replace the Arduino Nano with the chipKIT Uno32.

    I managed to get the scrolling text display to perform even much better using an Arduino Nano after I used the SPI library to directly transfer instructions and data to the display instead of the LedControl library. You may check out my project at for detail.

    I am sure the chipKIT Uno would out-perform the Arduino Nano with SPI data transfer.

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