Trophy for chipKIT WF32 Controlled iPad Mount for the Sight Impaired!

chipKIT Controlled iPad Mount for the Sight Impaired
chipKIT WF32 Controlled iPad Mount

In a Digilent-sponsored senior design competition, Kaitlyn Franz’s team won a second place trophy for their project. The team created a Wi-Fi controlled iPad mount for assisting the sight impaired to find lost items. To accomplish this, the team utilized a chipKIT WF32, which has a Wi-Fi capable PIC32 microcontroller on board.

To check out more details, head over to Digilent’s Blog.

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PIC32USB Hardwired Android App for chipKIT

PIC32USB Hardwired Android App
App auto-launch option when PIC32-based boards is connected

Darryl is at it again, with a new Android app called PIC32USB, providing OTG-supported phones/tablets with a hardwired communication to a PIC32 microcontroller. Use any of the 24 buttons to send messages to the PIC32 device, customize any button to change the string sent to the device, and send/recieve data to/from the device using a chat-like interface. Check out his sample code to test it out on your OTG-supported mobile device and your supported PIC32-based board. Darryl has successfully tested this app with the chipKIT Fubarino SD, chipKIT Fubarino Mini, and his very own MAKEmicro32 board.

Good luck, and have fun out there!

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